Some experts suggest that writers should devote 80% of their time writing headlines, but only about 19% of professionals actually take “extra” to do this.

Shoot I’ve let headlines become an after thought. Only to wonder WTF that This is great content!

However, research shows that a headline is arguably more important than the article itself.

That’s one hell of a statement, but before you go and spent 2hrs brainstorming for a headline on an article that only took you 45min, just remember … to help get the juices flown’ and readers clickin


By studying over 100 blogs, Iris over at Startup notes, that there’s a dark fascination that loom over us readers,WE are often drawn to violent and pessimistic wording.

Here are Some dark headline power words you can include in your headlines

Kill – Fear – Dark – Bleeding AND War

On the flip side here are a few lighter words that also pull in readers attention

Surprising – Shocking – Smart – Big/HUGE – Puppies JK – History and HACKS

TIP! #2 Plant Seeds of Suspicion

I’m one for having a positive attitude, and projecting good things in my life, However, that’s not the norm, and it seams to be that we can’t help but be cynical.

For some reason we can’t help ourselves, we dive right in when we get the chance learn about how we are being deceived, given the run around or manipulated.

Here are some examples:

5 things your doctor won’t tell you unless you ask

White House Reportedly Debating Whether to Target US Citizens

Don’t Fall Prey to PayPal Scam

TIP! #3 Press Your Audience’s Buttons

Think about your audience and what matters to them.

you should know your audience,

you should understand their aspirations, dreams desires, and their pain points.

make use of this info, your smart. be strategic, and capitalize on their fears by slanting the headline a bit towards what bugs them most.

I mean for a dating site, something like

Do You Really Want to Be That Lonely Guy?

Would probably get more clicks than

#1 Dating Website

TIP! #4 Break From THE HERD

Headlines that evoke controversy lure in curious readers and prospects.

When everyone is saying Ya! and you also agree with them, say No anyways, but flip it back around within the article or post!


Why the iPhone 6 is Going to be an Epic Fail

Even if your an Apple Fan Boy and have proof that the iPhone 6 is gonna be better than even the iPhone 9. just disagree, and then within the context of the article immediately explain your view is simple a matter of perspective.

by saying iPhone 6 is an epic failure at meeting fan boy expectations, because all the rumors are wrong! the glass will be made out of krytonite and the new CPU is a quantum processor, here is a working prototype one of the fox con workers smuggled out in there butt … sideways.

Basically your pulling an old school move psych out your little brother by saying mom said we can’t stay up all night and play video games…. NOT!

So those are my 4 dark writing tips (even noobs use) for more clickable and viral post!

Just remember to Harness Dark Power Words, to Plant Seeds of Suspicion
as you Press the Right Buttons and Break from the Herd.

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